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A Firebug Proposal in the News

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Just in case you missed it, Amber said yes.


Firebug Metamorphosis

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

The upcoming release of Firefox 4.0 will have built-in development tools. These built-in tools exist to compete with other browsers, but of course the other browsers compete with Firebug, so it goes around.  They all have more design and development resources than Firebug and they all have a built-in advantage: they’re built-in!  Our little Firebug project must adapt to this reality if we want to continue to make a difference.

With no doubt, the Firebug team can take credit for changing the world of Web development. Now can we avoid becoming a victim of our own success? Simply working harder to compete is equal to giving up. Instead we have to raise the bar!

Therefore we are taking three new directions beginning with Firebug 1.7.

The Cross Browser Tools Initiative
  • splitting Firebug code into front and back end piles,
  • merging the Firebug Lite and front end Firebug-for-Firefox code bases,
  • developing support for full Firebug on other browsers, including mobile
Investing in fundamentally new tools
  • a new approach to Javascript debugging to supplant breakpoint debugging,
  • create a new CSS debugger.
Reaching out to our community.
  • shifting from open source to collaborative source to create closer cooperation between Firebug core and extension development.,
  • asking Firebug users to donate in proportion to the impact Firebug has on their work.

These are major changes. Firebug’s internal systems will be re-organized and placed in new wrappers. Firebug will grow powerful new capabilities. We will create new relationships to thrive in our new environment. It’s a Firebug metamorphsis.

I will be posting more details on these areas in the next few weeks.


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Introducing Pedro Simonetti Garcia

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Pedro Simonetti Garcia has been leading the Firebug Lite development effort and helping us plan for a merger of Firebug Lite and part of the Firebug for Firefox code base. He will be using this blog to post information about Firebug Lite releases and related issues.