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Firebug 2.0 beta 4 has Firebug 2.0 beta 4

Firebug 2.0b4 fixes 12 issues
Firebug 2.0b4 is compatible with Firefox 30-32

Beta releases are also uploaded on AMO


Let’s see what’s new.


Console API available in Web Workers

This is great news for everyone who’s using web workers and debugging them. The console object and all its API can be now used from within web worker thread as well (issue 2154).


Support for Australis

Firebug 2 user interface has been improved a lot and we paid an extra focus on visual compatibility with the new Australis design introduced in Firefox 29 this week. It’s not only tweaking the design bits, so it looks good and native across different OSes, but also supporting the new Australis UX.

First let’s look how Firebug 2 looks on different platforms (in this order: Mac, Linux, Win).




Australis introduces a new panel menu icon in the upper right corner and new way how to customize this menu. Firebug supports all the new UI/UX.

If you click the new menu toolbar button you should see a panel with Developer icon.

After you click the icon you’ll see a submenu with existing native tools and Firebug at the top (issue 7415).

Customization of the menu is done through a button that is located at the bottom of the menu panel. After you click it, you can drag-and-drop the Firebug icon anywhere you want. Note that Firebug icon is located in the toolbar by default just like always (auto customization done after installation).


So, give it a try and install Firebug 2.0 beta 4


Please post feedback in the newsgroup, thanks.

Jan ‘Honza’ Odvarko


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