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Firebug 1.13 alpha 3 has Firebug 1.13 alpha 3

Firebug 1.13a3 fixes 7 issues
Firebug 1.13a3 is compatible with Firefox 24-27

Some highlights from this release

  • JavaScript Array Inspector (issue 6773)
    It’s now possible to simply inspect large arrays logged into the Console panel. Large arrays are truncated in the Console panel, but if you click on the left or right bracket of the array (it’s a link now) you’ll be navigated into the DOM panel that allows you to fully inspect the array.

    You’ll be navigated to the DOM panel for full inspection after clicking.


  • console.table() & object logging (issue 6800)
    We have enhanced the console.table() API, and so it’s now possible to use it to log even generic objects. It can be useful in many cases. For example, you can log the DOM storage object.


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Jan ‘Honza’ Odvarko


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