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Firebug 1.12.1

Firebug team released Firebug 1.12.1. This is a follow up release based on feedback we have collected since releasing 1.12.0

Firebug 1.12.1 fixes 6 issues.

Note that Firebug 1.12.1b1 has also been released to update also users on AMO beta channel. This version is the same as 1.12.1


Some highlights from this release:

  • The problem with missing Firebug icons reported by some users is fixed (issue 6689).
  • It is possible to get rid of the Clear Activation List confirmation dialog (issue 6694)
  • There is a new preference extensions.firebug.console.groupLogMessages that allows to disable console message grouping (issue 6703)


Please post feedback in the newsgroup, thanks.

Jan ‘Honza’ Odvarko

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