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Firebug 1.12 alpha 7 has Firebug 1.12 alpha 7

Firebug 1.12a7 fixes 8 issues
Firebug 1.12a7 is compatible with Firefox 21-24


Some highlights from this release

  • Group Console Messages (issue 4979)
  • Console messages are grouped now in case the messages appear multiple times consecutively. This feature can dramatically decrease number of logs and make the entire logging easier!

    Grouped Logging
    The number on the right side tells how many logs is grouped in the log.


  • Create selector groups for Elements side panel (issue 5955)
  • Multiple selector trials are now shown as foldable groups of elements. These groups persist on page reloads and are dynamically updated when the page changes.

    Selector Groups


  • Issue 6447: Improve display of timings in net request infotip (issue 6447)
  • The tooltip for individual HTTP requests displayed in the Net panel has been improved. It displays all phases of the current request as a little waterfall graph. And so, it’s now a lot easier to understand the timing.

    Net panel tooltip


Please post feedback in the newsgroup, thanks

Jan ‘Honza’ Odvarko


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