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Future of Firebug Lite

Firebug Working Group (FWG) has always been maintaining two projects.

  • Firebug – The Firefox extension
  • Firebug Lite – Pure web application compatible with all major browsers

Firebug has always had a lot more features since it’s a Firefox extension and as such it has the ability to use Firefox API that are not accessible for web applications (e.g. debugging API, HTTP monitoring API, etc.).

Firebug Lite on the other side runs in all major browsers as a standard web application. It’s a great advantage for developers who want to debug their applications in more browsers and stick to the same UI/UX.


Firebug Lite can be also used as a bookmarklet (click the link to open Firebug Lite at the bottom of your browser).

Firebug Lite

Firebug Lite


Firebug Lite has always been a very interesting project for us and we think that it has great future and the ability to compete with all existing developer-tools offered by various browsers. It has a future because it’s different and here is what we think makes the project unique:

  • Firebug Lite supports more browsers, so developers don’t have to switch between different tools (and different UI/UX) when implementing an application for more browsers.

  • Firebug Lite uses extensible architecture and it’s possible to develop extensions or integrate existing tools (e.g. bookmarks) all running across various browsers.

  • As browsers expose more APIs to the content (web apps), Firebug Lite can heavily profit from it.

  • Firebug Lite could support various remote debugger protocols (V8, RDP, etc.) to access more browser features, support remote debugging and implement the same features for different browsers.


FWG is a relatively small group of enthusiastic developers and for pragmatic reasons we decided (some time ago) to focus on one project only: Firebug – the Firefox extension. Of course, this helps us to keep Firebug a great tool and deliver stability as well as new features, which is already a lot of work on our plates. This means there is currently no one working on or providing support for Firebug Lite.

However, this opens a great opportunity for any enthusiastic developers looking for an open source project to contribute to and/or become a leader of it.


Does it sound interesting to you?
If yes, just contact me (odvarko at gmail dot com).



You can also post feedback in the newsgroup.


Jan ‘Honza’ Odvarko


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