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Firebug 1.11 alpha 6 has Firebug 1.11a6

Firebug 1.11a6 fixes 16 issues
Firebug 1.11a6 is compatible with Firefox 16-19

This is the last 1.11 alpha release and we are switching to the beta phase next week. The final Firebug 1.11 release will be available in December.

See some highlights from this release:

  • New include() command
  • Autocompletion for CSS Queries
  • Completion Popup Properly Aligned

New include() command

Firebug supports a new command called include(). This command can be executed on the Command Line (within the Console panel) and used to include a JavaScript file into the current page.

The simplest usage looks as follows:


If you often including the same script (e.g. jqueryfying your page), you can create a handy alias.

include("", "jquery")

Now you can execute just: include("jquery") to include the same script into the current page.

In order to see list of all defined aliases, type: include(). Note, that aliases are persistent across Firefox restarts.

In order to remove “jquery” alias, type: include(null, "jquery")

(issue 5878)

Autocompletion for CSS Queries

If you deal with CSS you might be often interested which elements actually match specific CSS selector. For this, Firebug offers an Elements side panel, which is available in the CSS panel and now it also supports autocompletion.

Elements side panel autocompletion

Just start typing into the inline editor and Firebug will offer all element names and CSS classes that are available on the page. It’s smart so, if you use element name in your selector it’ll offer only classes that are available for that element.

(issue 5989)

Completion Popup Properly Aligned

This is one of the nifty improvements that makes Firebug a handy tool. The auto-completion popup window is now displayed at the right position – aligned with the expression typed by the user.

Please post feedback in the newsgroup, thanks.

Jan ‘Honza’ Odvarko

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