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Firebug 1.11 alpha 2

Friday, August 24th, 2012 has Firebug 1.11a2

Firebug 1.11a2 fixes 14 issues.

One nice little fix is related to console.table() method.

Firebug is now displaying horizontal scrollbar if there is too much columns (issue 5832).

This method is quite powerful in rendering tabular data and also flexible regarding the input structure.

Check it out by executing the following expression in the command line (assume there are some scripts on the current page):


Please post feedback in the newsgroup, thanks.

Jan Honza Odvarko

Firebug 1.11 alpha 1

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Our team is already working on Firebug 1.11 and the first alpha is now available for download.

This release fixes 21 issues and introduces also several nifty enhancements.

  • The HTML panel displayes doc type even for iframes (issue 4626)

  • The Net panel indicates when SPDY protocol is in action (issue 5324)

  • Event logs (see more about DOM event logging) are automatically linked with the target (issue 5803).

  • Command Line API improved: $x(xpath, contextNode, resultType) This command returns an array of HTML or XML elements matching the given XPath expression (contextNode and resultType arguments are new, issue 18)

Also, if you experienced some problems with the Firebug Start Button that should be automatically available in Firefox toolbar, try this version. A patch is included fixing these problems.

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Jan Honza Odvarko

Firebug 1.10.2

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Firebug team released Firebug 1.10.2. One annoying bug slipped into 1.10.1 version (304 requests not displayed in the Net panel) and so, we decided to do a quick follow up.

Three issues have been fixed in this release:

  • Issue 5773: Firebug no longer displays 304 Not Modified lines in NET panel
  • Issue 5766: Breakpoint editor text is invisible!
  • Issue 5712: Firefox crashes when trying to log XMLHTTPRequest to console

Please post feedback in the newsgroup, thanks.

Jan ‘Honza’ Odvarko

Firebug 1.10.1

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Firebug team released Firebug 1.10.1. This is a follow up release based on feedback we have collected since releasing 1.10.0

Firebug 1.10.1 fixes 14 issues.

Some highlights from this release:

  • The Net panel’s timeline sorting is fixed (issue 4662)
  • Middle-click on an AJAX request opens it in a new tab again (issue 5341)
  • Break on features doesn’t increase CPU usage (issue 5618)
  • The HTML panel displays symbols for DTD entities by default (issue 5690)
  • Cookie breakpoint condition editor fixed (issue 5698)
  • AJAX requests can be resent again (issue 5714)
  • Firebug start button is displayed even on popup windows (issue 5711)

Please post feedback in the newsgroup, thanks.

Jan ‘Honza’ Odvarko