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Firebug 1.10a2 has Firebug 1.10a2

Firebug 1.10a2 is compatible with Firefox 12 (nightly).

Firebug 1.10a2 fixes 11 issues.

This release introduces couple of great improvements:

Delayed Firebug Load

Firebug doesn’t slow down Firefox start time anymore since its loaded as soon as the user actually needs it. There are only a few things loaded at the browser start-up time: the main Firebug menu, Firebug start button and inspect menu-item in page context menu.

This also means that Firebug extensions overlaying only the Firebug UI are loaded as soon as Firebug itself is loaded and so, don’t slow down Firefox start-up time too.

Bootstrapped Firebug

It is now possible to install (and uninstall) Firebug without browser restart. We are also working on APIs that will allow developing bootstrapped (restart-less) Firebug extensions. An example extension is coming soon.

Thanks to awesome Harutyun Amirjanyan for his help on these features!

Some other highlights from this release:

  • Every option in panel’s mini tab menu has a tooltip with a description. This should help to understand it’s purpose (issue 3183)
  • Autocompletion is now working even in the Watch panel (issue 4934)

And more from our roadmap is coming so, stay tuned!

Please post feedback in the newsgroup, thanks.

Jan ‘Honza’ Odvarko

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