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Firebug 1.10a1 has Firebug 1.10a1

Firebug 1.10a1 is compatible with Firefox Nightly.

Firebug 1.9 is out of the door and FWG is hardworking to further improve Firebug. We have already got a list of things we would like to focus on in 1.10. Take a look at Firebug Roadmap and let us know what would be your wish list or what you think should be the priorities. We are also looking for developers who would like to be part of FWG and help Firebug to grow!

Since AMO site doesn’t support alpha channels all alpha releases will be available only on

Firebug 1.10a1 fixes 9 issues.

Some issues reported after 1.9.0 release last week have been already fixed and patches are included. If we get positive verifications they will be back-ported into 1.9

Couple of highlights from this release:

  • Firefox tab bar is not affected by Firebug any more (only Mac related, issue 3442)
  • It is possible to delete CSS rule with all its properties. Just right click on its name and pick Delete (issue 5000)

Please post feedback in the newsgroup, thanks.

Jan ‘Honza’ Odvarko

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