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Firebug 1.9a4 has Firebug 1.9a4

Firebug 1.9a4 is compatible with Firefox 5 – Firefox 10 (nightly).

Firebug 1.9a4 fixes 25 issues.

Some highlights from this release.

  • Resend a HTTP request (issue 2225). This feature allows resending any HTTP request. Just right click on an entry in the Net panel and pick Resend.

  • Tooltip for a conditional breakpoint (issue 2638). Do you use conditional breakpoints and don’t remember the associated expression? Now you can just hover mouse over the breakpoint and see all within a tooltip.

  • Firebug’s and Firefox’s shortcuts don’t collide anymore (issue 4556).
  • Are you browsing the DOM structure of the page and seeing a variable that you want to watch later when hitting a breakpoint? Right click on it in the DOM panel and pick Add Watch (issue 4524).

  • Are you using the Net panel to observe HTTP headers? Now you can see even response headers coming from the browser cache – in case of 304 responses (issue 4905)

We have also improved Firebug auto-completion, fixed several stepping bugs in the debugger, improved our automated testing system and more.

Stay tuned!

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Jan Honza Odvarko

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