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Firebug 1.9a1 has Firebug 1.9a1, check it out!

Firebug 1.9a1 is compatible with Firefox 5 – Firefox 9 (nightly).

The active Firebug development is now happening on Firebug 1.9 branch and selected patches are ported to 1.8. Firebug 1.8.2 is going to be released next week (including some of those patches) – it’ll be also compatible with Firefox 7 (beta).

Firebug 1.9a1 includes patches for all issue fixed in 1.8.1 and fixes 21 additional issues.

Some highlights from this release.

  • Firebug supports displayName for function object and so Firebug stack traces can use custom name for anonymous functions (JSD doesn’t allow to use this for profiler results). This feature will be yet improved as soon as Salman Mirghasemi algorithm is ready (should happen soon!) (issue 1811)
  • Design of the DOM panel has been improved and individual entries are now separated by neat horizontal line. Entries also react on mouse-over events and so it’s easier to make context menu operations (issue 3754)
  • JSON response arrays (displayed in the Net panel) are not sorted alphabetically but Firebug respects indexes. Useful for all who work with HTTP/JSON (issue 4382)
  • Debugger activation fixed. This is related to the annoying debugger not activated message (issue 4609)
  • Every log in the Console panel now shows file name & line number (it’s coming from), not only error logs! (issue 4279)
  • You can now open the mini-tab menu (used mainly for panel options) by right clicking one panel’s tab (issue 4723)
  • Enabling and disabling panels is simplified and there is just one menu item for it (issue 4722).
  • The script location list (on the Script panel) displays Inline for pages with no file name (issue 4779).

Special thanks to Sebastian Zartner and Harutyun Amirjanyan who helped a lot with the release!

Please post feedback in the newsgroup, thanks!

Jan ‘Honza’ Odvarko

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