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Firebug 1.7.2 has Firebug 1.7.2 + Chromebug 1.7.2

Of course, this release is also uploaded on AMO (but it can take some time to get through the review process and caches).

This release fixes several issues and is tested with (all automated tests pass):
Firefox 3.6
Firefox 4.0
Firefox 5.0

Here is a summary of fixed issues:

  • Support for debugging Dojo (you need Firefox 3.6+Firebug 1.7.2 or Firefox 5.0 + Firebug 1.8, Issue 4289)
  • Tooltips for function arguments in the Watch side panel (Issue 4428)
  • API fixed for Firebug extension developers (Issue 4435)
  • Better support for JSON responses in the Net panel (Issue 4439)
  • Keyboard shortcut for the Inspector fixed (Issue 4452)

Please post feedback in the newsgroup, thanks.


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