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Firebug 1.7.3, Firebug 1.8b4

Monday, June 20th, 2011 has Firebug 1.7.3 + Firebug 1.8b4

Also uploaded on AMO

These releases fix a security issue and so, update is recommended. Of course, users who installed Firebug from AMO or will be prompted for update automatically by Firefox.

Firebug 1.8b4 fixes 3 issues.

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Firebug 1.8b3

Friday, June 17th, 2011 has Firebug 1.8b3

Also uploaded on AMO beta channel

We have fixed 11 issues in this version.

Firebug 1.8 targets: Firefox 4 and 5.

This release also introduces new console API: console.timeStamp();

The method produces time event displayed on Net panel’s timeline. This feature can be used to compare Javascript execution time with HTTP traffic timing, which is useful especially in cases where the page dynamically downloads Javascript files and you need to know when a piece of code is executed.

See detailed description of this feature + examples.

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Firebug 1.8b2

Friday, June 10th, 2011 has Firebug 1.8b2

Also uploaded on AMO beta channel

Firebug 1.8 beta 2 fixes 18 issues.

We are in beta phase and running full steam ahead to have final 1.8 release around the same time as Firefox 5 release (June 21).

Firebug 1.8 final targets: Firefox 4 and 5.

Do you want Firebug 1.8 to be the best? Help us and become a beta tester by installing beta 2. In any case, switching back to the release channel is as easy as clicking the Add to Firefox button on AMO.

Our automated testing framework has almost 200 tests that cover most of Firebug features, but still not every single one so, having feedback from you is always very valuable for us.

We are focusing on fixing bugs now and every report is having our attention. If you have any problems, file a new issue.

For developers: if you need Firebug Tracing Console for debugging Firebug itself install FBTrace 1.8b8.

You can also post feedback in the newsgroup, thanks!


Firebug 1.8b1

Friday, June 3rd, 2011 has Firebug 1.8b1

Also uploaded on AMO beta channel.

We reached beta phase, which is also a signal for Firebug extension developers to start compatibility testing. We don’t plan any radical changes in 1.8 branch and from now on the work will be related only to bug or compatibility fixes.

This version fixes 5 issues and is tested on following configurations (all our tests pass):
Firebug 1.8 + Firefox 5
Firebug 1.8 + Firefox Aurora

We are also running with Firefox Nightly builds in order to catch any problems as soon as possible and so, Firebug 1.8 is enabled for it now. However, final 1.8 doesn’t have to be set as compatible with Firefox 7.

Finally, one new feature. The Net panel displays remote & local IP address + port number for each request, see the following screenshot.

(you can open the context menu by right clicking on the Net panel header)

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Firebug 1.7.2

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 has Firebug 1.7.2 + Chromebug 1.7.2

Of course, this release is also uploaded on AMO (but it can take some time to get through the review process and caches).

This release fixes several issues and is tested with (all automated tests pass):
Firefox 3.6
Firefox 4.0
Firefox 5.0

Here is a summary of fixed issues:

  • Support for debugging Dojo (you need Firefox 3.6+Firebug 1.7.2 or Firefox 5.0 + Firebug 1.8, Issue 4289)
  • Tooltips for function arguments in the Watch side panel (Issue 4428)
  • API fixed for Firebug extension developers (Issue 4435)
  • Better support for JSON responses in the Net panel (Issue 4439)
  • Keyboard shortcut for the Inspector fixed (Issue 4452)

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