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Firebug 1.8a3 has Firebug 1.8a3 – compatible with Firefox 5.
(note: you can also use Firebug 1.7.1 from AMO with Firefox 5)

This release fixes 17 issues and all our tests pass.

We are currently focusing mainly on improving the internal Firebug architecture and as part of this work we have converted (almost) all firebug source files into AMD modules. There are many new modules and you can check the list to see the current structure. Note that Firebug is using RequireJS as the module loader and we also want to share some modules between Firebug and Firebug Lite to avoid copying code and make our work more effective and faster.

We have also created a documentation that should help Firebug extension developers with the transition to Firebug 1.8. There are some API changes that could affect existing extensions.

We are eagerly awaiting for any feedback from extension developers that could help us to make the transition as smooth as possible and so, if you have any troubles or questions, please let us know!

Some highlights from this version:

  • Support for pseudo elements like “:first-letter”, “:first-line”, “:before”, etc. (issue 537)
  • New shortcuts for changing CSS values (numbers) Ctrl+Up/Down now increases/decreases by 0.1, Shift+Up/Down increases/decreases by 10. (issue 1338).
  • New option for those who don’t like the old Firebug status icon: extensions.firebug.showStatusIcon (issue 4089)
  • Tooltips for CSS colors improved, now appearing also for RGBA, HSL and HSLA values (issue 4411).

Please post feedback in the newsgroup, thanks.


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