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Crossfire: Multiprocess Cross-browser Open Web Tools Protocol

Most Web developers write for all Web browsers, but their development tools only work on one browser. To the extent that browsers are standard, this works out.  Except when it doesn’t. Then you are stuck trying to use the unfamiliar development tools in another browser. Moreover, some browsers have better or different support for development tools. The Crossfire project aims to provide a way for development tools to work cross-browser.

Michael Collins and I wrote a paper describing the Crossfire protocol and system for Splash/Wavefront. A PDF preprint is now available. We describe both some aspects of the remote protocol and discuss the evolution of the Firebug source code into client/server code using Crossfire.

The Crossfire project benefits from many contributions, so I encourage you to read the Acknowledgments section first and to add your name to that list by pitching in to help us push this project over the finish line.


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