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Firebug 1.8a2 has Firebug 1.8a2 + Chromebug 1.8a2 (compatible with Firefox 5 – Aurora)

This release fixes 25 issues and all our automated tests pass.

New Features

  • Contents of the command line and command editor is now persistent across reloads (issue 4087)
  • Height of HTML preview in the Net panel is now adjustable using drag’n drop (issue 4224)
  • The default keyboard shortcut for changing text size is changed to Cmd+Alt++ reps. Cmd+Alt+- (issue 4311)
  • DOM Breakpoints can be removed/disabled/enabled from the Breakpoints side panel like any other breakpoints (issue 4386).
  • DOM panel has two new options: showOwnProperties – check if you don’t want see the prototype chain for objects and showEnumerableProperties – check if you want to see only enumerable properties (issue 4390).
  • Better auto-completion in the command line, thanks to Simon Lindholm (issue 4233)

Memory Profiler

This version also contains a simple Memory Profiler feature (issue 4376). This feature is based on the same APIs as the well known about:memory page, but displaying differences between two executions points.

Memory Profiler is available in the Console panel and works similarly to performance profiling. Clicking the Memory Profile button starts the profile session and another clicking stops it.
The result memory report is displaying memory differences for every function call (diff between function begin and end) and also differences for the entire session.

We have also created a demo page that describes (using several test cases) how to use this feature to watch memory consumption and detect possible memory leaks (sure you need Firebug installed). This is an experimental implementation and so, we are very interested for any feedback!

Special thanks to Sebastian Zartner and Harutyun Amirjanyan who helped with this release!

Please post feedback in the newsgroup, thanks.


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