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Firebug 1.8a1 has Firebug 1.8a1 + Chromebug 1.8a1

Since Firebug 1.7 has been released we also started 1.8 branch alpha channel. There are couple of significant changes that might be interesting especially for Firebug (extensions) developers.

Also note that this version fixes 10 issues.

  • We started using asynchronous modules (see more about AMD) in Firebug internal architecture. This step should help us to better isolate individual parts of Firebug, avoid global dependencies and make code sharing simpler. Firebug is using its own module loader that is based on RequireJS.
  • Firebug Tracing Console is not part of Firebug core anymore. It’s now available as an independent extension called FBTrace. This step has two advantages, (a) since the extension is independent of Firebug, it works even if Firebug itself is broken and so, it can still be used to see what’s failing, (b) we don’t have to build special ‘X’ releases, which make the process easier.

The typical bundle for Firebug and/or Firebug extension developer is:

Please post feedback in the newsgroup, thanks.


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