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Firebug 1.7.0

After eleven alphas and four betas Firebug Working Group (FWG) is proud to declare victory and release the final Firebug 1.7.0! Of course also Chromebug 1.7.0 is available.

This version fixes three bugs reported since the last beta.

The main goal of Firebug 1.7 has been full compatibility with Firefox 4 (released tomorrow!). However there are also new features and improvements. They have been all published here on this blog, so see just some highlights.

  • Break notification message redesign
  • Only show applied styles
  • Open with editor feature improved
  • Support for local, session and global storage examination in the DOM and Console panels
  • New API for Firebug extensions
  • New Firebug start button
  • Large command line has history
  • CSS panel is now displaying @font-face rules.
  • Pressing F1 opens a help page (Firebug UI must be opened and focused)
  • Inspector improved and solid as a rock!
  • Our automated testing framework improved and 150+ tests watching Firebug features

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The version has been also uploaded to AMO, but it can take some time to appear.

Last beta 4 is exactly the same as the final release so, beta testers subscribing to AMO beta channel will get all fixes included in final release (they won’t be updated to the final release automatically, that’s how AMO works).

Finally, take a look who is involved in Firebug development!

Please post feedback in the newsgroup, thanks.


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