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Firebug 1.7b1 has Firebug 1.7b1 + Chromebug 1.7b1!

Since Firefox 4 moves into its RC phase these days, Firebug also runs full steam ahead to be ready for final 4. We switched to beta since Firebug is in good shape and running well with Firefox 4 beta.

We hope to get more testers and feedback to be sure all is working as expected. Note that we are also maintaining a channel with Firebug beta releases on AMO. Download it and become a beta tester today! (you’ll be automatically updated when new beta is released).

All our tests pass and there is 26 issues fixed since the last alpha.

Here is a summary of highlights (new since the last alpha):

  • Only show applied styles in Style side panel (issue 223). If you dealing with a page that uses a lot of CSS rules and the Style side panel looks messy showing also overwritten declarations, you can utilize a new Only Show Applied Styles filter.

  • Goto a line number available in the Script panel is now more visible in the UI (issue 887).1. Switch to the Script Panel
    2. Scroll the Script Panel
    3. Press Ctrl+L
    4. Check the search-box that indicates what to do…

  • Do you use “Open With Editor” feature? Now you can pass even a line number when invoking an editor. This way you can start script editing immediately at the right place and avoid tedious scrolling (issue 1480).
  • Better representation of the Date object within Firebug console (issue 4088). If you log a date object into the console you can see its actual value now.
  • Firebug console also supports logging of the globalStorage field. See following screenshot with an example.

  • Extending Firebug: better API for reusing an info-tip within a Firebug extension (issue 4175).

Other new features introduced during the alpha phase are described in previous posts.

Please post feedback in the newsgroup, thanks.


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