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Firebug 1.7a10 has new Firebug 1.7a10 + Chromebug 1.7.0a10 with 44 fixed issues.

This release is true community achievement!

See some highlights:

Firebug start button in Firefox toolbar

issue 3556 and 3984

Since Firefox 4 eliminated the status bar and introduced a new add-on bar Firebug needs to adapt to the case where the old status bar icon isn’t visible.

As depicted on the screenshot above, there is a toolbar button having exactly the same functionality as the old status bar icon. For instance, clicking on it opens/hides Firebug, the same context menu is available, number of errors (if any) is displayed, it’s gray if Firebug is not active, etc.

This toolbar button has been available in the Customize Toolbar dialog for some time, but it’s now refactored and also inserted into the toolbar automatically (just after installation). If you prefer the good old status bar icon, you can remove the button (using Customize Toolbar dialog) and open the add-on bar.

Thanks to all who helped to solve this issue and provided valuable input when we asked for it!

Inspector API for Firebug extensions

issue 4005

Firebug provides fresh new API that allows to reuse the famous inspector from other extensions and modify its behavior. This would not be possible without help from:

  • Patrico Reyna
  • Steven Roussey
  • Mike Ratcliffe

Read also a tutorial about how to use these APIs in Firebug extensions.

Large Command line has history

issue 161

This feature has been waiting for its introduction for some time (reported in 2007!) and thanks to Sebastian Zartner it’s now available in 1.7.

Finally, I know I am repeating that all the time, but to make sure it’s clear:

Firebug 1.6 is for Firefox 3.6
Firebug 1.7 is for Firefox 4 (and works also in Firefox 3.6)

We are encouraging all beta testers to use Firebug 1.7 + Firefox 4 combo and let us know how it works.

Followup in the newsgroup please.


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