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Firebug 1.7a9 has new Firebug 1.7a9 + Chromebug 1.7.0a9 with 16 issues fixed. Among other things, this version fixes an annoying bug that breaks Firebug panel switching (in case your browser window is maximized and you have tabs on top). Thanks to Sebastian Zartner who created a patch for this!

There are still two Firefox bugs that prevent Firebug from working properly. The break on next error is broken (bug626909) and also JSD activation is not as steady as it should be (bug626830). Anyway, awesome Steve Fink is working on those and they will be fixed soon!

This release also contains a fresh new improvement for the inspector. Mike Ratcliffe enabled inspector frame to bend with -moz-border-radius – supported in Firefox 4.0 (issue 3901).

We have also improved visual presentation of a feature that allows to filter list of scripts in the Script panel (issue 3940). See more about this neat function.

As usual, let us know how this version work for you. And of course if you see any problem please create a report and we’ll fix it!

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