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Firebug 1.7a8 has new Firebug 1.7a8 + Chromebug 1.7.0a8 with 28 issues fixed. Since several important bugs have been also fixed in the platform, this build represents the first version that is pretty usable with Firefox 4. You need to use Firefox 4.0b10pre nightly build or wait for final beta 10.

Following bugs yet need to be fixed in Firefox:

Some highlights from this release:

  • CSS panel is now displaying @font-face rules, issue 2748
  • Firebug shortcuts can be removed, issue 3664 + there are new shortcuts for text size commands, issue 3668
  • Better visual presentation of element attributes in DOM panel, issue 3790
  • Pressing F1 opens a help page, issue 3839 (of course Firebug UI must be opened and focused to execute this keystroke).
  • Inspector improved, issue 3861 and 3883

Give it a try and let us know if anything doesn’t work for you!

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