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Firebug 1.7a1 has Firebug 1.7a1, our first release of our new branch for Firebug. We have big plans for 1.7, but until we have completed Firebug 1.6.0, our 1.7 branch allows us to check out fixes to 1.6 bugs and to add small features we may not want on 1.6 because they are riskier.

The first 1.7 feature is “re-run this stack”. If you click on the circle icon while on a breakpoint, Firebug will re-run just the call stack you are stopped on. For now this is just a shortcut. Developers often set a breakpoint then re-run their code. Rather than hitting continue then finding the button in the web page that triggers the code you are debugging, now you just press re-run. In the future we are going to automate the breakpoint setting as well.

Five bugs are also fixed in this release.


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