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Firebug 1.6b1

Finally! has Firebug 1.6b1!

All of our tests pass on Firefox 3.6.9pre, a nightly build of the upcoming Firefox 3.6.9. Six tests fail on Firefox 4.0b4, because of known issues in the Firefox beta release.

The last feature added to 1.6 was a Console panel option, Show Completion List Popup.This is on by default, but users on Linux will need to turn it off. The Firefox panel we use for the popup does not work correctly on Linux yet.  We fixed at 7 more bugs since 1.6a20.

Some of the major features of 1.6 that we would love to get bug reports on include:

While this is a great list of new features, Firebug extensions will be taking over most of the job of improving Firebug from now on. Our first deployment of the Firebug Swarm should be out later this week. More on that shortly…


Please post feedback in the newsgroup, thanks.

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