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Firebug 1.6a20 has Firebug 1.6a20.  All tests pass on Firefox 3.6.9. We plan 1.6b1 for early next week in conjunction with Firefox 4.0b4 which looks like it will work for everything except AJAX debugging.

This release includes a preference you can set via about:config to disable the popup completion dialog, extensions.firebug.commandLineShowCompleterPopup. We will disable the popup on Linux by default for Firefox 3.6.The Mozilla platform feature we use (panel) does not work correctly on Linux. We will evaluate it on Firefox 4.0. We may add a user interface control for this option if it seems like the completion works well enough without the popup.

This release is dedicated to Prefontim and for their help in tracking down Issue 2948 and Issue 3292 as well as on-going efforts on Issue 3327.

Nine bugs are fixed in this release.


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