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Firebug 1.6a17 has Firebug 1.6a17. We’re aiming for b1 next week, and this time we mean it!

New in this release:

  • First run page comes up on install or update.
  • Removed all the .DTD files, no more entity based localization.
  • Console panel filtering buttons (error, warning, info, debug).
  • Stack side panel for Script panel shows function argument names and values.
  • More tweeks for command line completion.
  • Script panel shows nicer message when it is inactive during page load.
  • Changes to allow Firebug to work in Firefox 4.0b2pre (still many issues).

This release is dedicated to nkjoep for helping find the cause of issue 3200, a serious bug that only surfaced when an uncommon option is used.

The release also has lots of locale updates and bug fixes.


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