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Firebug 1.6a12 has Firebug 1.6X.0a12. Just one more alpha to go then its Beta time!

Feature work:

  • SVG pretty print in the net panel (contribution from Sebastian  Zartner)
  • save and restore error breakpoints
  • Script panel file list has auto scroll button and shows filtering text
  • Lots of locale updates

Internal source refactoring work:

  • Panel activation source refactoring (prep for Firebug 1.7)
  • convert all Firebug ‘components’ to Components.utils style modules (so Firebug 1.6 can work with FF 4.0)

The release also has 28 bug fixes.

We have one test case failing, but only on automatic testing. When we run our test net/1456/issue1456.htm we sometimes get the message:

Permission denied for <> to get property Function.__parent__ from <>.

I have no idea what it could mean.


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