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Firebug book by Luthra and Mittal

There’s a now a new way to learn about Firebug: “Firebug 1.5: Editing, Debugging, and Monitoring Web Pages,” by Chandan Luthra and Deepak Mittal, published by Packt Publishing.¬† This book examines Firebug features in a straight-forward, easy-to-ready manner, including lots of annotated screen shots and examples. Luthra and Mittal go beyond the basics to survey Firebug extensions, give pointers to creating your own extension, tabulate options and shortcuts, and to summarize Firebug future plans.

For new users this book introduces the individual panels as you’d expect but it also highlights the way Firebug interconnects information across panels. That combo provides a solid foundation for anyone picking up Firebug for the first time. The middle part of the book, on AJAX debugging and performance tuning, give an additional boost to the beginner. Introducing Firebug’s growing ecosystems of developer tools helps the new user branch out as soon as they get the basics down.

But experienced users may also be interested. Many Firebug users focus on one aspect of the tool. This book will help them see opportunities in areas they may not have explored.  Firebug  has lots of stuff inside: Luthra and Mittal provide a new way to understand it.


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