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Firebug Lite 1.3.0

Pedro Simonetti Garcia announces the release of Firebug Lite 1.3.0!  This in-page version of the Firebug concept offers many of the Firebug features popular in Firebug for Firefox, but it works in many browsers.  The  new release improves the user interface, deepens the implementation of CSS support, and improves the inspector and console panel.

With 1.3 Pedro Simonetti began integrating the Firebug Lite and Firebug for Firefox source code.  Next we divide Firebug for Firefox into user-interface (front end) and information extraction (back end). Then we merge Firebug Lite and the new front end. That gives us a common front end interface for Firefox multi-process, Fennec mobile web, Firefox with JSDebugv2, and cross browser. So in one master stroke Pedro Simonetti enhances Firebug Lite and sets us on a new course for Firebug development!

Of course the Firefox version of Firebug has many more features and we keep moving it forward. Ultimately we hope this trend continues: Firebug gets stronger on all browsers but the Firefox version keeps pushing out ahead.


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