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Firebug 1.6a11 has Firebug 1.6X.0a11. This release is dedicated to Sebastian Zartner who recently joined the Firebug Working Group and has been working on our bug list.

  • Honza implemented console.table so source like this:
  • var family = {};
    family.header = ["First", "Last", "Age", "Desc"];
    family.mother = new Person("Susan", "Doyle", 32);
    family.father = new Person("John", "Doyle", 33);
    family.daughter = new Person("Lily", "Doyle", 5);
    family.son = new Person("Mike", "Doyle", 8);
    family.mother.desc = "mother";
    family.father.desc = "father";


    More examples are available in our console/api/table test page. This feature was suggested by Patrick Mueller who works on webkit based on a similar feature implemented in FirePHP by Christoph Dorn.

  • Disabling break on next error and  debugger; keywords. When you hit these in the debugger you now have the option of replacing them with a disabled breakpoint. The debugger will not break at these lines until you remove the disabled breakpoint:
  • You can also see the forward and back arrows Honza added in 1.6a10 in these screenshots.

Of course we have bug fixes, mostly around problems I created with the persistent breakpoints feature.


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