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Dynamic and Graphical Web Page Breakpoints: Firebug at WWW2010

On Thursday Apr. 28 Jan Odvarko (Honza) and I presented our paper “Dynamic and Graphical Web Page Breakpoints” at WWW 2010 in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. These features were implemented in Firebug 1.2 through 1.5.  The HTML slides + demo we presented are now on-line.

Our talk went smoothly, with Honza explaining the demos while I went over the motivation, implementation, and related work. We had all positive comments and questions.

In discussions after the talk we kicked around the idea of a “Browser Research and Development” workshop. Browser researchers would present ideas and prototypes; browser developers would present ideas and problems. The focus would be on getting more browser research published and implemented while also stimulating more research in areas with the most potential impact on browsers. Most browser researchers want to have practical impact; the pace of innovation  in browsers demands more usable research efforts.  The WWW2010 venue is fine for final presentations, but it’s not a place where research and development meet. Let me know if you have interest in  such an event.


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