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Firebug 1.6a9 has Firebug 1.6Xa9.

Most of our time is now going into new features for 1.6:

  • Swarms: Certified Extension Installer. This is a digitally signed, multiple-extension collection tested as together. Still a couple of weeks of work left.
  • Memorybug: leveraging Dion Almer and Atul Varma’s memory analyzer for Firebug. Looks very promising, also a couple of more weeks.
  • (2548) DOCTYPE now shown in HTML panel; add a warning if it does not match the server mimetype; mostly in 1.6a9,
  • Support for XPathResult console logging, in 1.6a9.

Among the bug fixes in 1.6a9 is a change to the Console. It no longer injects an element to support console logging and command line events.


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