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Firebug 1.6a8 has Firebug 1.6a8; it includes 6 bug fixes.

Steve Roussey and Jan Odvarko struggled for a long time and they finally solved Issue 2788: Script panel files get truncated.  The symptom was long script files being truncated.  First it was a while to get a test case; then quickly we determined that the file lines were just not in memory. Eventually the bug: we created an object sink and used it in an platform api:

                var sink = CCIN(";1", "nsIPipe");
                sink.init(false, false, 0x20000, 0x4000, null);
                var originalListener = request.setNewListener(tee);
                newListener.wrappedJSObject.sink = sink;
                if (tee.initWithObserver)
                    tee.initWithObserver(originalListener, sink.outputStream, newListener);

Seems ok, but there is a silent race: the sink.inputStream will be read from up until the sink object is garbage collected.  No way to tell from this code however.  Boris Zbarsky found it with a C++ debugger. I wonder what kind of Firebug feature would have helped us with this probelm?

Also in this release is a small change to the command line implementation to reduce the stuff we inject into the Web page. This marks the start of more aggressive changes for 1.6, now that we are moving past 1.5.

This release passes all tests in FF 3.6 (more all the time thanks to Jan “Honza” Odvarko!).  We also set the maxVersion back to FF 3.7 now that tasoss offered to test Firebug 1.6 on Firefox 3.7 nightly builds.  Not all tests pass on 3.7 but its not too bad for alpha on alpha software.


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