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Chromebug 1.6a7 and Firebug 1.6a7 has Chromebug 1.6a7 and Firebug 1.6a7.

Yes, I know we just had Firebug 1.6a6. But Chromebug had one problem left to fix: the context did not restore correctly after restarting. After working all afternoon I tracked it down to a line in Firebug.

Plus the Firebug command line in 1.6a6 was broken if you used NoScript. What? NoScript and Firebug? Hey it happens.

This version of Chromebug has a big clean up in the code. Some highlights:

  • Sandbox context have better names,
  • Sandbox contexts use evalInSandBox for their command line,
  • New panel XPCOM for non-window contexts (eg BackstagePass)
  • New panel Overlays for window contexts (eg browser.xul).

I’ll do a post with screen shots on these soon.


Follow up in the newsgroup please.

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