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Chromebug 1.6a4

Later this evening will have Chromebug 1.6a4.

  • Attempt to delete Chromebug contexts when windows are destroyed. Seems to be working.
  • Different approach to XUL / XBL files, now can debug XBL JS
  • Only change the context by user control (not when windows open)
  • Better naming of Sandbox and about:blank contexts
  • Hacks to deal with jetpack hacks
  • consolidate code to map stack frames to contexts
  • avoid the gray blank area at the bottom of Firefox when inspecting.

Overall I’m more confident of this version that any in a while.

Also available is Firebug 1.6a4. About 10 tests fail, but I don’t know how to fix them. In these cases Firefox generates errors messages without file names, line numbers, or call stacks. I don’t know if we really have test failures or not.


Please followup on firebug newsgroup or the chromebug newsgroup

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