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Firebug 1.5b6 has Firebug 1.5X.0b6. All our tests pass on Firefox 3.5. One test fails on Firefox 3.6, but it passes on Firefox 3.7: we are just waiting for the fix to bug 468506 to be applied to Firefox 3.6.

Our last work item for Firebug 1.5 is to discuss and probably fix this issues on the blocks1.5 list.

  • Locale updates: is-IS, sv-SE, ca-AD, ht-HR, zh-CN, sl-SI, ru-RU, es-AR, ro-RO, pl-PL, ja-JP
  • Issue 816: NET panel no longer displays filesize uploaded
  • Issue 1470: Commas in URLs
  • Issue 2341: Use JSON explorer for post request
  • Issue 2417: Quick Info Box to be made draggable to fix mouseover issues
  • Issue 2530: Post data from flash not parsed in net-panel
  • Issue 1221: Errors not cleared after disabling console
  • Issue 2536: Quick Info Box throws errors when inspecting MathML
  • Issue 335: CSS edit doesn’t honor media type
  • Issue 2400: div element representing firebug console is injected after body
  • Issue 2386: Text shadow on Firebug tabs
  • Issue 190: If input type text is set to disabled, firebug won’t inspect it
  • Issue 420: Option to automatically scroll to the bottom of the error list onResize
  • Issue 491: Profiling – Function names with $
  • Issue 2543: Inspector CSS and divs are visible in HTML tree when inspecting page
  • Issue 2271: JS errors in AJAX callback functions are not shown
  • Issue 2541: Remove offset* from layout; always use “Show Bounding Client Rectangle”
  • Issue 2547: Comment block editing problems
  • Issue 1330: Improve handling of textnodes
  • Issue 498: Feature patch: improved HTML panel keyboard navigation
  • Issue 2267: Wrong display of list-of-list of select elements
  • Issue 2318: Enhancement: Inspect HTML element without expanding.
  • Issue 2542: multipart in response of first request
  • Issue 2550: Dispatch events to Inspector listeners so extensions can listen for inspect events.
  • Issue 1169: Console init function clobbers other init functions
  • Issue 1013: Line length for word wrap should disregard indentation
  • Issue 956: Header names and values in request inspector
  • Issue 900: RFE: Add hot-key in HTML tab for deleting element(s)
  • Issue 2478: Copy HTML on HTML element
  • Issue 2518: Changing offset values in the Layout tab in the HTML panel
  • Issue 2519: z-index values in the Layout tab in the HTML panel


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