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HTML links are like span tags

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Ok maybe you are up on your HTML more than I am, but I was surprised that an <a> tag around an image does not have a CSS box around the image.  This came up in  issue 2534.  The reporter had an example like the one below, with an <a> tag around an image:


If you inspect the image in Firebug, then mouse over the <a> tag, you can see that the <a> tag’s box is smaller than the image. But Firebug’s inspect is correct: the CSS box for an <a> tag is similar to a <span> tag. They are both “inline” elements, so the image is not contained in their box.

For a more dramatic example, see the test case for issue 2534. Thanks to Boris for helping us sort this out.


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Firebug 1.5b5

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009 has Firebug 1.5X.0b5. We are just fixing bugs now, and filing off the rougher edges of our new features. All tests pass on Firefox 3.5.5. One test fails on Firefox 3.6, due to bugzilla bug 486506. Two tests fail on Firefox 3.7, the same 486506 bug and one where we need to change the test to match a new error message.

  • Update locale zh-CN, vi-VN, pl-PL, ru-RU
  • Issue 2508: Potential translation issues in Firebug 1.5b3
  • Issue 2501: Firebug 1.5b4 breaks some ajax requests
  • Issue 2499: Show HTTP protocol version on the Net tab
  • Issue 2496: build.xml jsdoc fix for 1.5
  • Issue 2491: “Break On Errors” acts more like “Break On Next Error”
  • Issue 2479: Net panel doesn’t show timed out requests
  • Issue 2462: The firebug console still shows the xhr in progress if you abort it (via request.abort())
  • Issue 2452: Console shows regular expression error when attempting to search
  • Issue 1953: No Layout Information for SVG Elements
  • Issue 1111: Copy Location With Parameters doesn’t copy the correct parameters
  • Issue 2510: Console and watch returns undefined for falsy values when debugger is stopped
  • Issue 2520: The top offset and left offset values in the Layout tab in the HTML panel are incorrect
  • Issue 2511: The +/- in DOM panel does nothing when next to long strings


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Firebug 1.5b4

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 has Firebug 1.5X.0b4. It passes all of our tests on Firefox 3.5 and 3.6b4pre. Two case fail on FF 3.7; one is a changed error message, one looks like a change in Firefox. (We’re only aiming for 3.5 and 3.6 for now).

Next we aim to improve the quality by identifying important bugs from among those that have test cases and tagging them with with “blocks1.5“. If you have a favorite bug, we welcome your input on what gets fixed before we decide Firebug 1.5 is done.

We are also reaching out to Firebug extension authors to update for 1.5. We already have some progress, with updated versions of FirePHP, Rainbow, FireQuery, and FireLogger.

This release is dedicated to Steve Roussey for his contributions to the HTML panel editing and entity display. A lot of the closed issues below came from his work.

Changes since 1.5b3:

  • New locale hr-HR/Croatia
  • Update locales ro-RO, es-AR, is-IS, sl-SI, js-SP
  • Issue 2464: Network panel showing total size of requests as 0 KB
  • Issue 2471: appShellService.hiddenWindow causing problems embedded in an SWT Browser
  • Issue 674: long variable contents are cut off in tooltips
  • Issue 2467: timeline bars don’t show
  • Issue 2374: Firebug not work in SeaMonkey 2.0rc1
  • Issue 2448: Firebug HTML panel encoding display and editing
  • Issue 2481: ‘Add watch’ on 2nd expression of a multi-conditional will use incorrect expression
  • Issue 2454: Light up the tab whenever break on next is selected
  • Issue 1466: Changing any User Agent CSS makes firefox go grazy and after a while crash
  • Issue 2285: support for content-type: multipart/x-mixed-replace
  • Issue 1440: Net tab is showing XHR logs with size of “?”
  • Issue 2489: When inspecting in an iframe, you can’t see any parent frames
  • Issue 2067: Open in a new Window fails with tab switching once Firebug is minimized
  • Issue 838: HTML specialchars not shown correctly
  • Issue 1138: nbsp elements rendered in the DOM as spaces
  • Issue 1488: Uninformative message when command line fails while NoScript enabled
  • Issue 1980: < > does not get encoded while editing element content
  • Issue 2250: Firebug generates invalid (X)HTML for displaying empty elements in the HTML panel
  • Issue 2359: Zero-width spaces (ZWSP) HTML characters are not displayed in the HTML tab
  • Issue 2435: Show whitespace on text nodes that have sibling element nodes displays ? instead of text
  • Issue 2438: Show Full Text option only works on text node that does not have a sibling element
  • Issue 2439: Editing a text node with whitespace and the option Show White Space gives wrong result
  • Issue 2453: When MathML nodes are edited the rendered MathML is not updated
  • Issue 2470: HTML panel does not show namespaces
  • Issue 1414: “Copy HTML” feature does not respect explicit end tags in XHTML


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Firebug 1.5b3

Friday, November 6th, 2009 has Firebug 1.5b3. This is 1.5b2 with a couple of fixes. It passes all tests on Firefox 3.6b2 and does not crash in Firefox 3.7 nightly. Two tests fail in Firefox 3.7. One is a change in an error message; the other is some mystery message we need to ask mozilla platform folks about.

  • Issue 2458: Firebug does not stop JS when debugging events
  • Issue 2456: Embedding firebug service in a non-XUL app cannot getService for nsIXULAppInfo


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Firebug 1.5b2

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 has Firebug 1.5b2. It fails two tests on FF 3.6, one extra newline you can’t see in the UI anyway and one of the the network breakpoint tests that we are looking into. We could not test on Firefox 3.7 because of Bug 522590. Ok, not a perfect story for b2, but we have lot of fixes we want to get out, we want to start localization work for 1.5,  and it hss been almost 2 weeks since b1.

We’ll dedicate this release to Mike Radcliffe for checking a large number of old bug reports and getting most of the closed as users report that the bug has been fixed in the meantime. Thanks Mike!

  • Issue 494: Enhancement Network Monitor adding sorting
  • Issue 1682: Request to an asset on a server not found/resolved is no longer being displayed in net panel
  • Issue 2324: net tab not showing requests in progress
  • Issue 953: Duplicate menu entries on tabs when using SplitBrowser + Firebug on Linux
  • Issue 2413: On Script Tab, “Break on Next” tooltip is backwards
  • Issue 2419: Problem with checking context.window in inspector.js
  • Issue 1488: Uninformative message when command line fails while NoScript enabled
  • Issue 2422: Get Firebug & NoScript to play nicely together
  • Issue 2416: Focus Issues in Inspect when Firebug is in standalone mode
  • Issue 2428: Image preview not working
  • Issue 1528: Style attribute “visibility” not included in autocomplete for live style changes
  • Issue 1526: Visual indication for aborted requests
  • Issue 2447: Inspecting <body> tag causes rulers to disappear from layout
  • Issue 1047: Wrong timing on the Net panel


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Issue 2413: On Script Tab, “Break on Next” tooltip is backwards Issue 2419: Problem with checking context.window in inspector.js

Dynamic and Graphical Web Page Breakpoints

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Jan “Honza” Odvarko and I have submitted “Dynamic and Graphical Web Page Breakpoints” on the 1.5 breakpoints to WWW 2010.  It motivates the various breakpoints, describes the user experience and the implementation, then relates this breakpoint work to academic papers.

If you want the Cliff Notes version, we also have a demo page. And of course if you like interactive versions, you can just install Firebug 1.5b1 and use the breakpoints on your project now.


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dojo FAQ on eval debugging out of date

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Update: toonetown fixed the FAQ entry, Thanks!

The popular dojo toolkit has an FAQ entry about Firebug,which is wildly out of date. It talks about eval() debugging as it was back in 2007. Since Firebug 1.2 we’ve had support for the dojo loader, and as far as I know it works well.

Since the problem reported in the FAQ was the first one I fixed in Firebug, I tried to report the FAQ bug. I could not figure out how to report bugs on dojo or the dojo site. They have a trax site, and I even applied for an account, but I still couldn’t log in. So maybe this blog post will help someone who is searching for information about eval() debugging in dojo.