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Event Listener View for Firebug

Jan “Honza” Odvarko release our first version of “eventbug”, a Firebug extension to add support for inspecting event listeners.

  • Event panel shows all event types with handlers on the page, click the event type name open to see the elements and handlers
  • Side panels show the target list, element bound the the handler, and the handler source code.
  • New Events side panel in HTML panel, shows event handlers per element
  • Event handlers linked to Script panel to show their source code.

Honza has screen shots and more details in his blog post.

We need your help to get this feature into Firefox 3.6!

Here is how you help:

  1. Install the alpha versions of Firefox/Firebug/Eventbug using Honza’s instructions.
  2. Try the Event panel on your site.
  3. Report your findings on the Firebug newsgroup.

The code is now in Firefox 3.7a. We will use this as evidence to support the risk/benefit analysis for shipping the event support in Firefox 3.6 when we talk to the Firefox release team.


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