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Event Listener View for Firebug

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Jan “Honza” Odvarko release our first version of “eventbug”, a Firebug extension to add support for inspecting event listeners.

  • Event panel shows all event types with handlers on the page, click the event type name open to see the elements and handlers
  • Side panels show the target list, element bound the the handler, and the handler source code.
  • New Events side panel in HTML panel, shows event handlers per element
  • Event handlers linked to Script panel to show their source code.

Honza has screen shots and more details in his blog post.

We need your help to get this feature into Firefox 3.6!

Here is how you help:

  1. Install the alpha versions of Firefox/Firebug/Eventbug using Honza’s instructions.
  2. Try the Event panel on your site.
  3. Report your findings on the Firebug newsgroup.

The code is now in Firefox 3.7a. We will use this as evidence to support the risk/benefit analysis for shipping the event support in Firefox 3.6 when we talk to the Firefox release team.


New Firebug Wiki

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Rob ‘robcee’ Campbell arranged for to have its own wiki and Hernán Rodríguez Colmeiro has started it up with a lot of great content.

Check it out, help out. Don’t be shy: if you know just a little about Firebug, your perspective is valuable for the person who may know less.


Please followup in the newsgroup.

Firebug 1.5b1

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Ok, our work on features for Firebug 1.5b1 is complete!  We pass all of our tests on Firefox 3.5.4; one test fails on Firefox 3.6b and Firefox 3.7a. That test covers one of our new breakpoint features and we’ll need to work with Firefox team to fix it.

Special Thanks! to Mike Sabine Radcliffe for new enhancements to the inspector and an impressive investigation of and solution to inspector bugs. The 1.5 inspector is very solid.

Now we are looking for user feedback and bug reports. We expect to have about six to eight weeks to fix bugs in 1.5. Once Firefox 3.6 ships we will pretty much end work on 1.5 except for a few tweaks or fixes. So now is the time to try 1.5 on your web site and let us know.

We made a big push at the end here so I’ll cover the the changes since 1.5a26 first, then in a later post we’ll go over the new features in detail.

  • Locale is-IS, Icelandic (Iceland), contribution by Kristjan
  • vi-VN locale (contribution by loveleeyoungae)
  • Issue 2371: Placement of numbers indicating offset/margin/border/padding prevents display of more than 3 digits in the value
  • Issue 2373: inspect hightlight wrong when scrolling
  • Issue 1652: Negative Margins Show As Positive
  • Issue 1897: Add indicator for position:relative (like margin and padding indication).
  • Issue 2242: [req] hover overlay enhancements: negative margins and positioning
  • Issue 2403: Universal CSS selector can cause issues with inspect
  • Issue 1896: FB Panels with no options should disable selection of the options pulldown
  • Issue 2378: Inspector is slightly slower now that the quick info box has been added
  • Issue 2382: Search field hidden by ‘next previous’ popup when firebug in new window that is maximised
  • Issue 1909: DOM – Copy field name contribution by blindwanderer
  • Issue 2061: ‘Net’ tab shows requests under the wrong file type
  • Issue 2383: Show Quick Info Box stays on top of element to inspect
  • Issue 2390: “Inspect Element” doesn’t activate HTML tab in Firebug window
  • Issue 2392: Object in DOM tab doesn’t refresh properly
  • Issue 206: UI gets stuck with both Edit and Inspect buttons pushed on CSS panel
  • Issue 1172: Enhancement: Display Firebug icon next to “Inspect Element” context menu item
  • Issue 2393: Quick Info Box needs a keyboard shortcut
  • Issue 2394: Layout information shows the wrong values
  • Issue 2396: Inspector options difficult to find in the Firebug options menu
  • Issue 425: On RTL Systems the console text box is RTL too. It should allways be LTR.
  • Issue 594: Classin skin: warning icon looks weird
  • Issue 2399: Open with editor does nothing on Vista
  • Issue 1009: Firebug improperly retains scroll position in “Style” pane
  • Issue 1017: “Show functions defined by the user” in DOM tab includes internal functions
  • Issue 2401: HTML mutate flag is not always removed
  • Issue 1721: Tries to “display” -moz-binding url
  • Issue 2402: Cannot overlay the fbToolbox as there are two elements with that ID in the DOM
  • Issue 2403: Universal CSS selector can cause issues with inspect
  • Issue 2406: Quick Info Box stays visible when changing Firebug Tabs
  • Issue 2407: Quick Info Box does not always move on mouseover
  • Issue 2063: Error message “The resource from this URL is not text”
  • Issue 1966: Error traceback no longer always picks up the right function names.


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Chromebug 1.5a4

Monday, October 12th, 2009 has Chromebug 1.5a4. Chromebug is the Firebug code adapted for XUL applications. It is the debugger that Firebug developers use to develop Firebug.  Note: you must install Firebug 1.5 as well as the Chromebug XPI. .

If you have looked any previous released version of Chromebug you will see a lot of changes. Some of these are inherited from Firebug.  Others are improvements in Chromebug itself.

The key features that we use routinely and that work well:

  • Inspect over Firefox. Probably also works on Thunderbird.
  • Viewing XUL and HTML, CSS styles, Layout and the DOM properties all work well.
  • Javascript debugging.  Seems pretty good now, the only problem is when I breakpoint Firebug and then try to use the breakpoints in Firebug. Since they share the same core debug engine, the result is often that Chromebug fails to break.
  • Error tracking in the Trace panel.
  • The command line works for some commands at least (not something I use however)

It is also a fun tool for poking around under the covers:

  • Try setting the context: to noWindow://BackstagePass and looking at the DOM panel
  • The XUL Windows panel shows the output of the window mediator
  • Filter: menu attempts to organize the chrome namespace (but I don’t use it after all)
  • File: menu shows all the files Chromebug knows about (well just the JS files now).
  • Tools > Open Chromebug Trace Console, if you want to know how to debug a debugger for debuggers 😉

Problems areas:

  • CSS editing is disabled because of Bug 503007
  • No support for anonymous XBL nodes because of unimplemented functions.
  • We don’t use Console or Net panel, so we don’t know if the work or not.
  • Tools > Platform shows the components, but it is very slow then crashes Firefox.
  • Some features under Tools have rotted but have not been removed.
  • The source code looks like it was written by someone who did not understand XUL applications and did not have a lot of documentation for some of the APIs. (But its getting a lot better as the causes improve).

Finally Gerv helped set up a newsgroup, mozilla.addons.chromebug.   I welcome suggestions and comments there.


Followups to the newsgroup please.

Firebug 1.5a26

Friday, October 9th, 2009 has Firebug 1.5X.0a26, the last alpha release of Firebug 1.5. It passes all of our tests on Firefox 3.5.4 and Firefox 3.6b1 as of Oct 9. (On FF 3.7 we’re not so good, but we found several bugs in Firefox and Firebug).

Our work on adding features is done and our next release will be 1.5b1.

  • Break on Error moved from Script Options to Console Pause button
  • New search user interface pop up panel (contribution by kpdecker)
  • Persistence on the Net panel
  • Break on Load for the Net panel
  • Support for XBL anonymous nodes
  • Issue 2357: Firefox still running, but no windows.
  • Issue 2192: Firebug panel doesn’t open on an error or breakpoint automatically if it’s minimized
  • Issue 2291: Editing in HTML tab with comments causes HTML panel to change the order of elements in the page
  • Issue 2330: Add Paste and Cut to inline editor context menu options.
  • Issue 1966: Error traceback no longer always picks up the right function names.
  • Issue 2063: Error message “The resource from this URL is not text”
  • Issue 925: New Feature: Disable Cache Option
  • Issue 2368: script panel blank with html5.enabled set to true


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Javascript Quiz

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Ok you Javascript hot shots,  here is a two question quiz:

  1. What does the error message “XML filter is applied to non-XML value {}” mean?
  2. What does this Javascript statement do: window.("bar"); ?

For the first question you may use Google to search; for the second question you may use the Firebug command line. If you find the answer don’t spoil the quiz for others ;-).


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EU MozCamp 2009 Slides

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Jan ‘Honza’ Odvarko has posted his slides from his Firebug talk at EU MozCamp 2009. Includes good introduction to features of our upcoming Firebug 1.5.


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