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Firebug 1.5a25 has released Firebug 1.5a25, another feature-addition release.  We are now pushing to finish the 1.5 features so we can get b1 out around the time of Firefox 3.6b1.All of the tests  pass on FF 3.5.3 except the new ones for features not-yet-complete. Two cases fail on FF 3.7, one due to changes in the Javascript line table. We are investigating these.

The big news in this release is the break-on features, not quite ready yet. The new grey border on the left side of DOM and Net panel is part of this change, giving you a hint that you can set breakpoints on DOM property changes and net panel requests. We’ll have detailed blog posts once it’s all working.

This release also has a new implementation of the source viewport in the Script panel. The work was primarily to support Firebug extensions, but it should help in single stepping and single line scrolling performance.  Please report any problem with source views.

  • Initial internal API docs for Firebug extensions:
  • Issue 2297: Reporting failure to load javascript
  • Issue 2294: Searchable: false does not hide the search UI
  • Issue 2277: Dispatch onToggleBreakpoint and onToggleErrorBreakpoint to Firebug.Debugger listeners
  • a11y support for console.profile() output
  • BreakOn: DOM property set, HTML Child Add/remove, element remove, XHR (conditional)
  • Issue 1881: More modularized source box (Reimplement script panel sourceBox)
  • Issue 2328: HTML preview in net-tab but not in console-tab
  • Issue 2234: Break on error bubble weird behavior
  • Add Layout “Show Bounding Client Rect” and make it the default; add position and z-index


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