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Firebug 1.5a24 has Firebug 1.5X.0a24. All tests pass on Firefox 3.5.2; one failure on Firefox 3.7 nightly that we are looking into.

This version introduces support for the network activity observer added by Firefox in bugzilla 488270. This will lead to much more accurate network event timing, but it requires Firefox 3.7.

Also included is an early version of Honza’s “Break on Mutate”, part of our effort to implement “break-on” functions for all of the panels.  You can get early peak by trying the test page (don’t forget to reload).

  • Issue 2280: Problem with xpi built with the ant script
  • Issue 2279: Error Breakpoint can’t be toggled off.
  • Issue 2288: FB hangs and raises CPU to 100% due to getStyleSheetByHref
  • Issue 2281: Breakpoints and jQuery 1.3.2 problem
  • Issue 2187: firebug causes memory leaks


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