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Firebug 1.5a23 has released Firebug 1.5a23. We did a quick cycle to update 1.5a22 which failed a couple of tests.

This release uses a faster algorithm for determining the executable line numbers so the green highlights on the Script panel should show faster on pages with very large Javascript files.

  • Issue 1881: More modularized source box
    • This is part of an effort to support extensions that want to write additional information into or on the Script panel.
  • Issue 2076: Break on error, switch tabs, and return to broken stack trace
    • This is almost a workaround. If you stop on a breakpoint then switch to a page without Firebug active, we suspend the JS debugger. When you return to the breakpoint, the stack is no longer valid.
  • Issue 946: Option on how to deal with tab characters in JavaScript source views
    • Not a common problem, but if you have tabs in your source the rendering was very poor.
  • Issue 2264: Error when setting a conditional breakpoint while console is disabled
    • Also a kind of workaround. If the console is disabled, we can’t evaluate “watchpoints” unless we are stopped on a breakpoint. That is because we currently use the command line logic to evaluate the watch expressions, and that requires the console.
  • Issue 2275: debugger.onError: TypeError: url.substr is not a function


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