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Firebug 1.5a22 has released Firebug 1.5a22. The version fails three tests (console/1693 POST gets 500 from server, net/2221, non-english characters, and netPanelSearch).  I believe the first two are a config problem on I have no excuse for the third one other than it’s Friday afternoon and we’ve been trying to get this version out for a week.We’ll fix these and try to get another release early next week.

This version was tested on Firefox 3.5.2 and 3.7 nightly 20090828 using

  • Issue 2220: Support On by default with Off by user control
    • Removes “Off for all Web Pages” status bar context menu option
    • Add Clear Activation List menu item
  • Increase the target area of the minimize and maximize buttons; remove the “off” label.
  • Issue 1466: Changing any User Agent CSS makes firefox go grazy and after a while crash
    • This fix just prevents the crash, still need UI to tell the user that the rules are not writable.
  • Issue 2237: Net tab – round image size
  • Issue 2230: Copy of Console should not include: Firebug’s log limit has been reached. %S entries not shown.
  • Issue 2243: Feature request – ability to flag custom URLs and preprocess content for JSON parsing
  • Issue 2175: Firebug lacks localization notes
  • jsdIFilter chrome* urls when debugger enables
  • Issue 83: Profiling Greasemonkey scripts
    • sandbox debug contribution by Olivier Cornu (support for greasemonkey)
  • Allow FF 3.7 to run Firebug 1.5 (even if we eventually take it back)
  • Issue 2221: POST variables disappear if they contain non-english characters
    • Note however that the test case for this is currently failing.
  • fix CallStack selection highlight
  • Issue 2254: Html Panel visual and editing problems
    • This contribution by sroussey fixes several problems, esp. around empty tags and editing.
  • Issue 2256: toggleHeadersRow is called on wrong object (contribution by antonin.hildebrand,)
  • Issue 1862: Enhancement :: create xml tab in request item of net tab
  • Issue 2253: Http Resources are loading slowly when net panel is visible
  • Issue 1861: Enhancement :: customize columns of netview
  • Bug 512846 Serious performance issue with Firebug on
    • This partly resolves issue  2187
  • Issue 2210: Image Maps cannot be inspected since rolling back to older version

    • I think this actually went out with 1.5a21.
  • Locale update zh-CN, Chinese (Simplified),bg-BG, Bulgarian


Follow up on the newsgroup please.

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