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Firebug 1.5a21

Ok finally we are back on track: has firebug 1.5x.0a21. The hangup was a cluster of issues around running our FBTests. This release is tested on Firefox 3.5.2 against rather than an internal Javascript server.  We need this to test on Firefox 3.6, but it’s also more like real web testing, and its easier to share the test suite.

Other big items:

  • Rob Campbell’s “Computed” style side panel replace the awkward option-based modal Style panel
  • Mike Radcliffe’s Alternative Inspect (more about that another time).
  • Jan ‘Honza’ Odvarko, reimplemented the black/whitelist storage to see if we can make activation more reliable.
  • Early prototypes for CSS Selector search
  • Hans Hillen: a11y support for panel search in CSS, DOM and script panels
  • New locales: fa-IR, uk-UA (Ukrainian), hy-AM (Armenian), pt-PT Portuguese (Portugal),  sl-SI Slovenian
  • Update locales cs-CZ, ja-JP, it-IT Italian
  • Add option  javascript.options.strict.debug false, to support bugzilla 508562

Lots of bug fixes since 1.5a20:

  • Issue 2161: Firebug 1.5 doesn’t allow itself to be installed into Thunderbird
  • Issue 2224: Enhancement: provide some listener to the creation of an entry row in net panel
  • Issue 2079: Setting breakpoint from console error doesn’t work
  • Issue 2107: Master Password dialog stops Firebug from enabling
  • Issue 2158: Two matching styles of which one has two selectors (of which one is more specific than the others) cause firebug to display erroneus style.
  • Issue 289: Incorrect highlighting when inspecting elements of a positioned table with margins
  • Issue 1767: Background image disappears after onmouseover in the html tab
  • Issue 1518: Problem when inspect page with negative z-index
  • Issue 1766: html, body { width: 100%, height: 100% } -> Inspect-Tool does not work properly
  • Issue 1871: table with caption is not overlay correctly
  • Issue 1939: Border on body seems to offset the blue inspector box
  • Issue 1944: Ruler no longer shows any horizontal line
  • Issue 1965: Inspect Tool -> Inconsistent overlay box display over selected element.
  • Issue 1979: Analyze highlight wrong into IFrame inside IFrame
  • Issue 2025: Inspection of html elements in frames has incorrect top/left offset
  • Issue 2052: Inspect doesn’t work on old heavy frameset+iframes webpage
  • Issue 2065: Firebug Inspect Outlines in framesets
  • Issue 2068: Strange error in 1.4.0 – when On it deleted my page whole BODY element
  • Issue 2094: Firebug inspect highlighting renders behind page content, rendering highlighting unusable.
  • Issue 2148: Firebug doesn’t detail changes in Firefox’s updates window
  • Issue 2188: firebug inspect highlights domNode incorrectly in iframe
  • Issue 2205: Inspector offset when body is set to position relative or absolute
  • Issue 2190: `r` identifier leaks into global scope
  • Issue 2195: Translation for fa-IR
  • Issue 2218: cleanup strict javascript warnings in Firebug code
  • Issue 2140: Add newly supported CSS features to CSS panes auto-completion
  • Issue 2011: Firebug console does not stay open when navigating between tabs
  • Issue 2155: firebug windows does not remember maximized state
  • Issue 1821: UI bug:one line script-error reporting
  • Issue 2180: HTML panel should show whitespace and comments
  • Issue 2181: Impossible to examine style in the HTML view without expanding the node
  • Issue 2184: Invalid context in console.js ignored in Firebug 1.4+
  • Issue 568: Computed style and CSS rules should be separate tabs instead of an option
  • Issue 2189: Passing utf-8 text to external editors
  • Issue 1924: Console > Post Truncates
  • Issue 2105: POST Data not fully viewable if a parameter string is wider the the screen
  • Issue 2108: Firebug leaks at least one chrome window
  • Issue 2114: E4X objects can no longer be inspected in 1.4.0 (new XML rep type).
  • Issue 2092: Copy does not appear on context menu in Net panel

Followup on the newsgroup please.


Update locale cs-CZ

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