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Firebug 1.5a20 has released Firebug 1.5X.0a20.This version does not hide the Firebug UI on when you reload a page.

This release contains the following fixes that will also be in 1.4.1.

  • Issue 2092: Copy does not appear on context menu in Net pane
  • Update locale sv-SE
  • Issue 2127: wrong delete icon for watch panel entries
  • Issue 2124: Search options popup not keyboard accessible
  • Issue 2070: Stack trace in 1.4 not resolving function names
  • Issue 2086: Source links incorrectly positioned in error stack trace

Some fixes are 1.5 only:

  • Issue 2118: Persist and scroll to bottom
  • Issue 2117: “Persist” setting persists…


Please post followups to the newsgroup.

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