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Firebug 1.5a18 has Firebug 1.5a18 with the following fixes planned for 1.4.1:

  • Issue 2077: Reload after break on error results in blank page
  • Issue 1948: AJAX callback not fired in Firefox 3.5 + Firebug 1.4b3
  • Issue 1860: console.log prints undefined where alert prints a value when ‘%’ appears in log string.
  • Locale updates: Hungarian hu-HU, Polish pl-PL. Romanian ro-RO, Russian ru-RU

In addition there are previews of two features that will ultimately be moved into Honza’s Activation extension:

  • Implement onByDefault option (Firebug > Firebug Icon Menu > Options > On By Default). Firebug will be active on every page, unless you hit “Off”. Once you hit Off on a page, Firebug won’t open for that page until you explicitly turn it on.
  • Implement log activation URIs. (Firebug Status bar icon > Right click > Log Activation URIs). Prints into the Console panel of the seletected web page in the tab browser.


Please post followups to the newsgroup.

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