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Firebug 1.5a17 has Firebug 1.5a17, a preview of fixes that will appear in Firebug 1.4.1

  • Issue 1931: Inspect causes duplicate HTTP request
  • Issue 2042: “Reload to activate window console” doesn’t go away
  • Issue 2049: Firebug opens on mouse down (it does not wait for mouse up)
  • Issue 2054: update close icons
  • New locale Russian ru-RU

This version also prevents Firebug from opening “system” URLs, like¬† about:blank, about:config etc. We may be able to relax this later, but for now the restriction is needed for FBtest 1483 to pass. Every page load seems to begin with “about:blank” being loaded,¬† and when system URLs are allowed, Firebug gets distracted by that extra window.


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