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Minimizing Firebug 1.4

This is an update of the “Minimizing Firebug 1.4a22” post back in April.

“Minimizing” Firebug means that the Firebug user interface is hidden but all of the function of Firebug is active.  As far as we know, the two major use cases for this feature are

  1. To check the full page design,
  2. To monitor pages for errors.

In the “check the design” case, the user may rapidly alternate between minimized and unminimized, so Firebug 1.4 wants this toggle to be simple.

There are three ways to minimize Firebug: 1) Statusbar icon, 2) keybinding, 3) icon.

  1. If you start with Firebug closed, the status icon will be grey: greybug If you click it, Firebug will open and (if you have the panels enabled) the icon will be orange:orangebug Another click on the status bar icon will minimize Firebug; the icon will remain orange since Firebug is still running.  More clicks will alternate between restoring the Firebug UI and minimizing it.
  2. If you use the default key binding, F12 (function key twelve), will fire the same event as the status bar icon click
  3. The upper right hand menu has a new icon set, 1.4.0-window-controls, the first icon, [_] minimizes Firebug. The second icon, the overlapping windows means detach Firebug into a standalone external window, but you can also think of it as “Maximize Firebug”, since mostly folks use it to get more screen size for Firebug. The last one, offActive Off, means “Turn  Firebug Off ” for this page.

Notice that On and Off are not toggles in Firebug 1.4: you use the statusbar icon to turn  On a page and the offActive icon to turn it off. That is because the Off destroys any data Firebug has saved for the page.  So we deliberately use different buttons in different places for these functions.

If you are a 1.3 Firebug user, you may be accustomed to a red [X] icon in the upper right corner that implemented minimize. The offActive Off button in the upper right does not implement minimize in Firebug 1.4.


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