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Firebug 1.4.0

The Firebug team is proud to announce the release of Firebug 1.4.0!

Starting back in Oct. 2008 with Firebug 1.4a1, the Firebug team added features (and yes we removed a few) through 1.4a31 in June, 2009. Then we worked on bugs through 11 beta releases to 1.4b11 (ok that one was today). Developed on Firefox 3.0 and tested on Firefox 3.5, Firebug 1.4 is now our recommended release for all users. We will upgrade existing users of 1.3 on Firefox 3.0. (All versions of Firebug are available from, in case you want to stick with 1.3 or you need to use an older version of Firefox).

Firebug 1.4 is a true community achievement. We have had contributions from many developers and a few designers, with additions both large and small. The Firebug user interface has been translated into many different languages. We got excellent, timely help from the Firefox development team. And unheralded but sincerely appreciated, we have hundreds of users who take time to write bug reports and create test cases critical to making this complex software useful.

Over the next week we hope to give you more information about the changes in 1.4, Here are some of the highlights as a teaser:

Some more details are available in the release notes.


Followup on the newsgroup please.

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